Hollywood stuntwoman Sarah Lezito is 'bored' of competing against men

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The 27-year-old motorcycle stunt rider is determined to get more women involved in her line of work and wants to be a role model to the next generation.
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Lezito has been perfecting her craft for the past 15 years and has learned to push the very limits of what you can achieve on two wheels. But it’s a profession dominated by men and she has experienced a number of sexist encounters in her career.
It’s why she’s now ready for some female competition.
“It’s kind of boring to be the only girl. You know, sometimes I wish I could find a girl who is just really better than me,” Lezito told CNN Sport.
When she’s not competing on the bike, the Frenchwoman can be found mixing with the stars on some of the biggest sets in Hollywood.
Her stunt debut was for Johansson’s role in ​”Avengers: Age of Ultron” and she can also be seen throwing herself off a pier in Claire Foy’s “The Girl in the Spider​’s Web.”
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