NewsWatch: As crypto crash wipes out $1.3 trillion, here’s what some pros advise about buying bitcoin, dogecoin, other assets

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This is the most expensive city in the world for expats working abroad

Hong Kong has been replaced by a city that may surprise you. See full story.

I’m 46 and single, have $120K in cash and $400K in retirement, and own my home. Should I buy my dream $30K motorcycle?

‘I’ve lived within my means my entire life.’ See full story.

Froth and FOMO are being used to create meme stocks, and fake meme stocks

Social media action is now actionable investment data, but meme stock insiders say that some bad actors are using this new metric to push new, unworthy stocks into the meme scene. See full story.

How stocks and other financial assets fare when inflation climbs

Oil prices lately are topping $70 a barrel, up about 50% on the year, which isn’t a huge surprise given the past gains for commodities, stocks and other financial assets when the cost of living climbs. See full story.


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