NewsWatch: Dow slides more than 800 points as coronavirus stirs fears of lasting global economic hit

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U.S. stocks trade sharply lower Monday, joining a global equity selloff, as the spread of coronavirus raises worries that global economic growth could take a hit. See full story.

Warren Buffett says ‘don’t buy or sell’ on the headlines as coronavirus sends stocks plunging

Global stocks are plunging on Monday after the number of virus cases outside China surged over the weekend, particularly in Italy, South Korea and Iran. See full story.

Technology stocks could be on the verge of a bear market, warns investor who once ran the world’s biggest tech fund

Paul Meeks says techs are due a “comeuppance” that could deliver a 20% blow to the tech sector. See full story.

The ugly side to the booming U.S. economy, in one telling chart

Low unemployment, a relentless bull market, polls showing people feel pretty good about their finances — by many measures, the good times are rolling. Just ask President Trump, who calls it “the greatest economy in our nation’s history.” See full story.

The Affordable Care Act is more popular now than when Obama was president

Yet partisanship has not subsided when it comes to overall views of the law, studies suggest. See full story.


Unemployment is at a 50-year low, but nearly a quarter of student loans with U.S. government guarantees are qualifying for income-based repayment plans to help stave off borrower defaults. See full story.

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