Personal Finance Daily: If you’re wealthy and haven’t filed your taxes, the IRS could soon be ringing your doorbell, and the Affordable Care Act is more popular now than when Obama was president

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Personal Finance
My husband watches TV all day while I cook and clean. He has a monthly income of $8K and a P.O. box to hide his finances. I found his will — and it left me reeling

‘He never leaves his wallet on the table.’

A record one-quarter of $450 billion of student loans are being repaid on income-based repayment plans, DBRS

Unemployment is at a 50-year low, but nearly a quarter of student loans with U.S. government guarantees are qualifying for income-based repayment plans to help stave off borrower defaults.

My son told me that I’ve amounted to nothing and he doesn’t want anything to do with me. Should I cut him out of my will?

‘He has nothing to do with me or my side of the family.’

The Affordable Care Act is more popular now than when Obama was president

Yet partisanship has not subsided when it comes to overall views of the law, studies suggest.

Outstanding auto-loan balances just hit a new record and delinquencies are on the rise — should you be concerned?

Nearly $66 billion of the $1.33 trillion in outstanding auto loans were over 90 days delinquent in the fourth quarter of 2019, up from $57 billion for the same period last year.

‘They’re looking at where you live.’ If you’re wealthy and haven’t filed your taxes, the IRS could soon be ringing your doorbell

IRS audits have been sliding for years as the federal tax collector’s staffing has been reduced.

Morgan Stanley is paying $2,500 per customer for E-Trade. You can earn a $3,500 sign-up bonus for signing with a new broker — with one major catch

‘Moving a balance to a new brokerage can net you a nice reward.’

Mike Bloomberg said he’ll release ex-employees from NDAs. Here’s why you should think twice before signing one

The billionaire had clashed with Sen. Elizabeth Warren days earlier on nondisclosure agreements.

‘My father has lived a life of crime and drugs. He threw away every opportunity we gave him.’ Now that he’s on disability, doesn’t he owe his kids something?

‘My siblings and I got him a used car. He drove it off the lot, went for a joyride, and wasn’t heard from for three days.’

8 affordable new cars priced well below $20k

There are plenty of 2020 cars that start well below the $20,000 mark that are modern, safe and reliable.

Elsewhere on MarketWatch
Democratic debate in South Carolina likely to feature attacks on both big spender Mike Bloomberg and front-runner Bernie Sanders

Analysts say moderates can’t let Bloomberg off the hook, while Sanders “will have a target on his back” because of his bigger-than-expected win over the weekend in Nevada’s caucuses.

Fed’s Mester sees coronavirus as a risk but says she doesn’t support additional interest rate cuts

Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester says that she doesn’t support additional interest-rate cuts.

Bernie Sanders can win because this isn’t Ronald Reagan’s America any more

Supporters of Bernie Sanders see him as someone who speaks convincingly to lost hopes and who wants fundamentally to change a system that no longer offers them a credible path forward.

Warren Buffett says he’d ‘certainly vote for Mike Bloomberg as opposed to Sanders’

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett says he agrees with Democratic front-runner Bernie Sanders on some issues but disagrees on a number of others.

Spread of coronavirus lifts odds for Fed rate cut, as inaction would be ‘tone-deaf’

The chances have risen that the Federal Reserve will be forced to respond to growth concerns from the rapid spread of the coronavirus, economists said Monday.

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