The Margin: After coronavirus curveball, Bentley unveils new $2-million car — and every single model is already sold out

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The coronavirus may have shut down the big Geneva car show, but it didn’t stop Bentley from lifting the curtain on its new 650-horsepower ultraluxe beast.

Dubbed the Bacalar — sharing its name with a lake in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula — the 12-cylinder, roofless beauty is about as exclusive as they come. Not just because of the insane $2-million price tag, but also because production is limited to just a dozen cars. And they are sold out already.

“Bacalar is a rare and remarkable Bentley, and whilst clearly defined, will be an extraordinary and collaborative experience for just twelve discerning people who will now co-create, collect, drive and treasure one of 12 being built,” Bentley Chairman and CEO Adrian Hallmark said in a release.

Bentley says the Bacalar, which features 5,000-year-old wood in its interior dashboard, accelerates from zero-to-60 in an estimated 3.5 seconds with a top speed of more than 200 miles per hour.

Owned by Volkswagen VOW, +1.21%, the British car maker describes the vehicle as “rarest two-door Bentley of the modern era. The Bacalar, tailored to each customer’s preferences, is set for delivery starting next year.

Here’s a video tour, courtesy of Top Gear:

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